Adam Stock

Adam founded Rising Stock, Inc. in October of 2002 and has grown the company from three clients to over 300.   He graduated with honors in Math and Economics from Carleton College and studied at the London School of Economics.  Adam began his business career with Vector Marketing Corporation in 1994. He was a district sales manager for the next four years in the Chicago area. He then pursued his passion in financial planning.  He joined Merrill Lynch where he was an investment advisor for over three years and is now a financial planner  with a Fortune 500 company. Adam lives in Evanston, Illinois with his wife Melinda, his daughters Eliana and Mayah, and sons Sammy, Max, and Solomon.


Tola Kim

Tola joined Rising Stock Inc. in June 2006 as the Operations Manager.  She has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Master's degree from Wheaton College Graduate School.  Prior to joining the Rising Stock team, she was the Accounting Coordinator for a subsidiary of Waste Management as well as a Benefits Administrator at Hewitt Associates.  Tola brings her financial problem-solving and client-centered experience to Rising Stock.  She currently lives in Skokie, IL with her husband, Paul, and their kids Naomi, Aden, and Ansel.  She enjoys cooking, calligraphy, and anything that involves working with her hands.  She is  also the owner of Manna Macarons, a sweets shop that sells the perfect melt-in-your-mouth, soft, chewy, slightly crisp confectionary goodness called macarons as a vehicle to support ministries that help those in need.

David Shapiro

David joined Rising Stock Inc. in the fall of 2008.  While with Vector David held roles as an FSM, AM, PSM, BM, and DM, and was very profitable with all.  As a Vector Marketing District Manager he was a Rising Stock client.

David earned a Bachelor of Science in Business and Technology from the University of Connecticut.  David bought his first investment property at 20 years old and recently purchased his fourth investment property.  He currently lives in Austin, Texas where he plays kickball and enjoys working out, volleyball river floats, and spending time with friends and family.

Robert Gonzalez

Robert Gonzalez joined Rising Stock, Inc in the Spring of 2017 as a Profitability Coach. Robert worked with Vector from 2005 through 2014. While with Vector, Robert surpassed $200,000 in personal sales, was Silver Cup Branch Manager in 2009, and continued as a top performing District Manager through 2014.

Robert brings to this role his background in business coaching, sales systems training, and public speaking.

Robert purchased his first home in Sacramento, California in 2014, where he lives with his wife Natalie. He enjoys traveling, hiking, and sports. He is an avid bowler; bowled on the UC Davis men's team in college and is still involved in tournaments around the United States.

Robert is passionate about bringing his clients' perspective on their business, creating profitability through sales growth and efficient spending, and ensuring financial awareness and security. 

Patti James

Patti graduated with honors from the University of Colorado at Denver with a degree in Communications and minor in Philosophy. She started with Vector in 2002 and succeeded on many levels. Patti was an FSM with a career sales over $100,000, assistant manager, and sales manager.  She opened her district office in Colorado Springs during the summer of 2005 and ran that office until April 2008. She saw decent success, however it wasn't until 2008 that she was able to break through and become part of the top 20% in her region and the country. In April of 2008 she moved to Albuquerque and was able to have her first 500k summer. Following, she had a record breaking fall of $313,437 ($246,288 new business. This record still holds in the Southwest Region to this day).

After that, she was able to make Albuquerque a perennial recruiting and sales leader in the company for her remaining 7 years . She was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in fall of 2013. She won 6 Presidents' Banquets and was known for having a great year round office. She was grateful to hit the company trip 10/10 times, therefore getting to travel the world. In 2009 she bought her first home, which she now uses as an investment property, and furnished it all with bonus's won. She encourages many people to put money into retirement accounts because she was able to invest into multiple retirement vehicles yearly while a being a DM.

She has been a Profitability coach with Rising Stock since May 2016. She was a Rising Stock client for her entire 10 years she was a DM, and now loves being a coach to give back all she has learned. She currently lives in St. Croix, Virgin Islands with her husband, Neil. She enjoys Scuba Diving, wine tasting, working out and traveling. 


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